Know Aluminium Outdoor Gazebo Kit Materials

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Know Aluminium Outdoor Gazebo Kit Materials

Posted By yi Zhen     June 29, 2021    


Kits for aluminium outdoor gazebo don’t come only in different shapes and sizes. They’re also available in different materials that suit different aesthetics and budgets.

Wood gazebo kits are available for a wide range of budgets. The type of wood you choose decides the pricing and the quality.

Natural redwood is the most durable and expensive option. Cedar is slightly softer and less hardy, but it’s a popular choice because it’s so budget-friendly. Pressure-treated lumber is another option. All of the above are resistant to pests and decay.

Many traditional wood gazebos have knee-high railings around their perimeter, but you can also find more modern, open designs.


Metal gazebo kits include a steel or aluminum frame with a hard-top or soft-top canopy.
Photo Credit: Pxfuel
Metal gazebos often feature metal frameworks with a rooftop made of fabric, shingles, or aluminum roofing. The metal frames are usually made from steel or aluminum, both durable options. Aluminum requires less maintenance since it doesn’t rust.

Metal gazebo kits range in price, but they’re usually much cheaper than their wood counterparts. Metal kits also tend to be simpler in design. Many have only four posts and a roof, without the traditional railing typical of wood gazebos.

Vinyl gazebos are less common and more expensive than wood or metal. They come in different colors and styles, both traditional and contemporary. Vinyl gazebo kits often come in panels that are especially easy to assemble.

Vinyl is one of the most expensive options when it comes to gazebos, but for good reason. Vinyl is durable and low-maintenance. It doesn’t require painting or staining, as some wood does. It also doesn’t need rust protection.

To keep your vinyl gazebo looking its best, all you have to do is spray it clean with water when it gets dirty.

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