How does medical oxygen concentrator work?

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How does medical oxygen concentrator work?

Posted By zhuoyue cixi     July 4, 2021    


  What is a medical oxygen concentrator?

  The medical oxygen concentrator uses batteries or plugs into sockets to receive, purify and distribute air for people with low oxygen levels in the blood. These devices are lighter and smaller than traditional oxygen tanks. For people with extra oxygen needs, they can lead to a more active lifestyle.

  How does a medical oxygen concentrator work?

  Normal air contains 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen. For people with normal blood oxygen levels, this is not a problem. However, some people with low levels have difficulty converting normal air into oxygen required by the body. The oxygen concentrator uses conventional air and purifies it to 90-95% oxygen. To this end, the concentrator uses a compressor to move the air to a sieve bed filter to remove nitrogen. Then it distributes purified oxygen through a hose inserted into the nostril. The nitrogen is then released back into the air.

  There are two different types of medical oxygen concentrators: household and portable. These machines vary in size, weight, flow, power, and capacity.

  How does a medical oxygen concentrator work?

  The medical oxygen concentrator is powered by a wall socket for fixed treatment. All these machines are in continuous flow mode and provide a constant rate of oxygen, whether inhaled or exhaled. According to your prescription, a home oxygen concentrator can provide 1-10 liters of oxygen per minute. Therefore, these machines are heavier. They usually weigh between 40-60 pounds and usually have wheels that can be easily moved from room to room.

  When buying, it is important to compare several factors, including volumetric flow, weight, noise, electricity consumption, and altitude.

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