Jilian Mold To Produce High Quality Pet Preform

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Jilian Mold To Produce High Quality Pet Preform

Posted By preform nicole     August 21, 2018    


  1. a) acceptable thermal stability

Pet Preform cast locations are circuitous in appearance and difficult to apparatus afterwards quenching. This is why our aboriginal best is a cast with acceptable thermal stability. Afterwards the calefaction treatment, the butt cast is calmly reduced, the amplification accessory is almost small, and the dimensional change amount is bargain due to the temperature difference. If the brazier cast has a abiding anatomy and size, processing is no best required, which ensures dimensional accurateness and apparent acerbity requirements of the mold.

  1. b) acceptable apparent acerbity and abrasion resistance

The acerbity of the artificial butt cast is usually aural 50-60HRC. The apparent of the cast should accept acceptable acerbity afterwards calefaction analysis to accommodate acceptable acerbity to the mold. Molds accept to bear greater compressive stresses and frictions. Bang and breeze of artificial molds in bang abstraction requires molds to accept top appearance and dimensional stability, appropriately ensuring cast life. However, the abrasion attrition of the cast depends on the actinic agreement of the animate and the calefaction analysis hardness; therefore, accretion the acerbity of the cast is advantageous for convalescent the abrasion resistance.

  1. c) acceptable cutting performance

The apparent acerbity of top superior pet allot molds accept to be small. For example, the apparent acerbity of the bang atrium should be beneath than Ra 0.1 ~ 0.25, the optical apparent should be Ra < 0.1 nm, the atrium should be able to abate the apparent acerbity value. Die animate fabricated by China Plastic Handle Manufacturers can accommodated these requirements: beneath actual impurities, accomplished and compatible microstructure, no cilia orientation, no cutting pitting or defects.