It is Very Necessary to Choose a Reliable Public Aquarium Manufacturer

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It is Very Necessary to Choose a Reliable Public Aquarium Manufacturer

Posted By mi le     July 17, 2019    


What do novice drivers need to prepare for public aquarium?

  1. Reserve of Knowledge

If you already have abundant aquarium knowledge, skip it. If you are a novice, you need to learn some relevant knowledge yourself. There is also a lot of information about this on the Internet. At least you have more knowledge than most customers who come to buy your goods, or how do you explain various problems to others?

  1. General Budget

Rent, decoration, purchase, water and electricity costs, working capital, need to hire people.

Three, research to understand the market

Know the brand of the product, the distribution of brands in the local market and the sales of each brand.

  1. Site Selection

To open any shop, one has to face this problem. For Shui people, there are no more than these categories:

① It is a dealer in high-end communities and mainly radiates consumers in nearby communities. If this is the case, it is necessary to see whether there are aquarium shops around the selected community, and if so, how many are there. Then you can usually pay attention to the business of these shops, and analyze the reasons if they are saturated or if the business is not good. If there is no problem, just choose a place where you have to pass in and out of the community to see the facade clearly. You can put some flowers and plants at the door to attract everyone's attention. Of course, you should make it a little better.

② It is set up in a special flower and bird market in the city. I believe every city will have such a market, but the scale is different. Personally, I think it is still risky for a novice to open a shop in such a market, because your competitors are all professionals in this city. They have been observing this market for a long time and should have occupied the better positions. The shops with better locations have been in operation for at least seven or eight years, and these shops have basically attracted 80% of the customers. After all, Shui nationality is an industry with relatively long after-sales service. Buyers will go to the original seller for consultation if there is any problem with the living body or equipment bought from a shop, which will bring about subsequent consumption.

③ With the rise of the concept of green home, the waterscape cylinder gradually enters people's vision. Due to the fact that the appearance cannot match the overall home decoration style, many customers with higher requirements can only give up. Dietz Company has innovated and designed the waterscape cylinder with the appearance matching the overall decoration style, hiding the waterway circuit in the product, so that the waterscape cylinder can be better integrated into the overall home. At present, it is also a good choice to open aquarium shops in furniture market and building materials market.

  1. renovation

This does not need to be said much. We will do it according to our own budget. Personally, I don't think it is necessary to spend too much money on interior decoration. It is only good to have an attractive facade, and more money is best used on products. After all, it is still up to your products to impress customers after they are attracted to the store.

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