Talk Jumper Closed Inline
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Talk Jumper Closed Inline

Posted By fiberclosure top     August 24, 2018    


The integrated wiring system has many places that are worth studying. Here we mainly introduce some easily overlooked materials of the integrated wiring system, including the introduction of injection molding, jumper wire, and crystal head. We hope to help everyone. Integrated cabling system is the most basic system in modern social intelligent buildings. At present, the rapid development of information industry, the importance of the network has been marked in people's minds, the network has become an irreplaceable part of life. For the most important hardware supporting the network, the performance of the integrated wiring system directly affects the transmission performance of the network.

In the integrated cabling system, only through the most stringent TIA standard tests can ensure the good performance of the entire system. In a complete and good channel, the main components include twisted pairs, modules, patch panels, jumpers, and Inline Closure. Here, we mainly talk about jumpers in the integrated wiring system.

The regular jumpers are generally multi-piece suits (two-piece or three-piece). The front contact metal objects are gold-plated copper gold fingers, and the metal gold finger at the front end of the polished crystal plug not only has strong hardness, but also Has good toughness to ensure that each core has good contact and transmission performance with the metal head of the crystal head. At the same time, it will have inserts, ferrules, etc. to further enhance the performance and stability of the plug, and the general crystal head metal contact The body is a copper body and it is only a crystal head. There are no other plugs. When the hardness of the metal shrapnel is poor, the metal shrapnel cannot be inserted into the wire of the twisted pair, and the crystal head will not work; when the toughness fails to meet the requirements, Metal shrapnel breaks easily.

Jumper wire is generally pure copper wire, with better flexibility and high transmission rate. Easy to move, carry, maintain the performance of the cable, not easy to break, bending and other advantages. The self-made wire is generally an ordinary twisted wire, single core, poor flexibility, with the passage of time, single-core copper wire may be broken. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use galvanized copper or already oxidized copper cores as copper cores. There are no stringent process requirements for pair twisting, and this directly affects the performance of the jumpers.

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