High speed, high pressure, low noise hydraulic pump
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High speed, high pressure, low noise hydraulic pump

Posted By hong yi     July 26, 2019    


High pressure and low energy consumption is one of the major features of modern industrial products -- wide application of hydraulic transmission and c ontrol technology. High speed, high pressure, low noise hydraulic pump is a new generation of machine tools, ships, metallurgy, light industry and engineering machinery hydraulic system necessary products.

The hydraulic pump is a device which converts the rotating mechanical energy of motor or engine into positive displacement fluid energy and realizes th e automation or semi-automation of hydraulic machinery through the control element.

Vane pump is superior to gear pump (external meshing type) and plunger pump because of low noise, long life, small pressure pulsation, good self-absorption performance.

A vane pump is a hydraulic machine that converts the mechanical energy of a power machine into hydraulic energy (potential energy, kinetic energy, pressure energy) by rotating the impeller. Half a century ago, circular vane pump (pressure 70 bar, displacement 7-200 ml/rev, speed 600-1800 RPM) was first applied to hydraulic transmission of machine tools. At the end of last century, the column-pin vane pump (pressure 240-320 bar, displacement 5.8-268 ml/rev, speed 600-3600rpm) led by the American company entered the global hydraulic product market and won the attention of the hydraulic industry.

In the case that the mechanical strength of the part of the pump is sufficient and the seal of the pump is reliable, the high-pressure performance of the blade pump depends on the life of the friction pair between the blade and the stator.

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