Learn some general knowledge about vane pump

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Learn some general knowledge about vane pump

Posted By hong yi     August 22, 2019    


It is more economical to carry out regular maintenance and inspection on hydraulic system than to carry out maintenance after failure. It is suggested that after a certain working time, the system should be maintained regularly and important sealing materials should be replaced regularly. To prevent omission, it is recommended to carry out maintenance procedures according to the direction of oil flow:

  • Oil tank: the oil level must be correct, and the oil must be of specified type and have corresponding viscosity. For large-scale systems, regular oil sample analysis can be conducted to confirm whether the oil can continue to be used.
  • Oil suction pipeline: damage and severe bending must be checked, which will reduce the diameter of the oil pipe and become a noise source.
  • Oil pump: check shaft seal and other oil leakage.
  • Pressure oil pipe: different oil passages at the pressure end should be checked one by one along the oil flow direction, and there should be no leakage.
  • Control part: mainly check the leakage at the valve interface.
  • Oil return line and oil filter: they should be checked for leakage. the filter must be checked. if there is no pollution indication, the filter should be taken out to check whether it needs cleaning or replacement.
  • Actuator: leakage shall be checked.
  • Accessories and accessories: check the working conditions.
  • Electrical part: Check the connection of motor wiring part regularly.

The hydraulic system shall be replaced once three months after its initial use and every six months thereafter to ensure the normal operation of the system. During the operation of the hydraulic system, check the blockage of the oil filter at any time and clean or replace the filter element in time. At ordinary times, hydraulic systems should always have spare parts for wearing parts, components and accessories, so as to deal with faults in time.

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