Acrylic is a new type of healthy and fashionable product material

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Acrylic is a new type of healthy and fashionable product material

Posted By mi le     August 1, 2019    


Reasons for the popularity and use of Large acrylic panel:

The appearance of acrylic is easily mistaken for thickened plastic. However, in fact acrylic is a kind of polymer material with super stability and contains a certain amount of technology. Although it is also plastic, it is still far from plastic in nature. Acrylic products have been widely used in all walks of life in the past century and have now been widely used in many industries.

This kind of material is low-carbon and environment-friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, and is a new type of healthy and fashionable product material. It can be used in various industries, including food packaging, so it is called organic. Acrylic products are rich in color and bright in color, which can meet the needs of various colorful colors. But also has strong plasticity, changeable styles, simple manufacturing and easy operation, and can meet the standards of various styles and shapes.

Acrylic products have good toughness and weatherability, and can even withstand 300g steel balls falling at 1.5 meters. They are not easy to deform and break when used. The water absorption rate is also far lower than 0.5% of the national standard, which has reached a state of almost zero. Therefore, acrylic can also be used in the production and use of washing tables, bathtubs, toilets, etc. Acrylic is highly repairable. If you encounter a slight scratch, you only need to wipe gently with a wet cloth to remove the stain.

In addition, acrylic products also have many advantages, such as high brightness, aging resistance, radiation lower than human bone radiation, almost no water absorption, strong toughness, warm touch, easy cleaning, easy repair, multi-color, etc. This is why it is widely used.

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