Stainless steel laundry cabinet are getting more and more attention

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Stainless steel laundry cabinet are getting more and more attention

Posted By stainlesskb112 afa     August 30, 2018    


The laundry cabinet comes from: In general, everyone installs it on the balcony (so it is also known as the balcony cabinet). If the predecessor of the laundry cabinet is the evolution of the domestic laundry room, the function of the system will be removed. Disperse and spread to thousands of families. Following the changes in the laundry room, Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet became the first choice today.

The role of the laundry cabinet: the production of laundry cabinets is the yearning for people's good life and the importance of health. Improve living conditions. People are paying more attention to health. The hygienic condition of underwear that is in close contact with the body every day is especially important for modern people. You can't use a jacket to wash in the laundry cabinet. Avoid bacterial transmission. Another example is a men's high-end shirt that is distorted in the washing machine. Only wash your hands to extend your life. To sum up: the function of the modern laundry cabinet is to set up a laundry sink and a small sink in the large sink.

Analysis of the material of the laundry cabinet: The earliest laundry cabinets are extended from the furniture. The MDF board is MDF. If the home is in good condition and there is a special laundry room, then there is no problem, but most Chinese people still have not This is the case. This slow material becomes a waterproof PVC. Because the washtub is heavy, the waterproof laminate is more stable. The gradually waterproof wooden solid wood laminate has become the main material. More stainless steel cabinets began to appear in 2010. Generally, every flower is in every eye. It is best to use that material, each material has its own characteristics. So as long as it is used properly, the laundry cabinet is very good.