Visitors experience the amazing underwater world through the aquarium tunnel

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Visitors experience the amazing underwater world through the aquarium tunnel

Posted By mi le     August 15, 2019    


We are proud to offer Tunnel walk-through Aquariums for public displays.

Do you want to know which acrylic aquarium manufacturer made it? The answer is Jiaxing Mirror Acrylic Technology Co., Ltd. How was this amazing aquarium tunnel built?

We do complete processing of Acrylic at our manufacturing facility. This involves cutting the plain sheet to size and thermoforming Acrylic into our la rge size furnace. Further it is then cut at specific degrees to fit into RCC holds as per design.

Post bending, cutting and polishing the tunnels are again processed into the ovens for annealing. Later they are packaged into safe enclosures and are made ready fo r transport. Once at the site our rigger team using cranes and special purpose jigs use them to place in the right place. A complex installation proces s follows and is later tested for any leakages. Our engineering team has high level expertise in this custom Acrylic processing technology.

Visitors walk through these magical underwater tunnels to experience stunning sea creatures. Spotting Sharks, Rays, Groupers and other fish as they swim around you can be mesmerising.

If you want to know more about acrylic products, you can click here: