WOW classic: Dryad skills show
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WOW classic: Dryad skills show

Posted By Ambroise Pierre     August 19, 2019    


WOW classic: Dryad skills show


    Dryad harnesses powerful natural forces to maintain balance and protect life. As experience grows, the Dryads can release the original energy of nature to fight against enemies, bring God's wrath to them from a great distance, bind them with magical vines, or immerse them in a ruthless whirlwind.
    Dryad can also use this ability to heal wounds and restore the lives of dying companions. They fit in with the animal life of Azeroth.
    As a variant expert, Dryad can easily transform into a bear form, a cat form, a flying form or an aquatic form. This adaptability allows them to take on different roles in adventure activities. Shake the enemy in a moment or look at the battlefield from the sky. The guardians of these natural orders are the most versatile heroes on Azeroth, and they must be ready for the new challenges.


    Dryad is a versatile warrior because they can satisfy almost every character - healing, meat shield and damage output. Dryad must decide what form they choose based on the situation, as each form has a special purpose.

    Type Tank, Heal, Remote Magic Damage output, Melee damage output.
    Standard bar life, mana, anger, energy.
    Available armor Cloth, leather armor.
    Available weapons Dagger, glove, one-handed hammer, long-handled weapon, staff, two-handed hammer.
    Races to choose from: Tauren, Night Elf, Troll, Werewolf.

    Dryad will change a lot under the bonus of Classic WOW Gold. The first is to shorten the transformation time, speed up the attack speed, and ensure that one side is in a leading position in the game. In fact, it is able to enhance the treatment ability under the influence of Vanilla WOW Gold. If the player wants to buy WOW CLASSIC GOLD, please click ZZWOW to purchase.


Multiple skills
The changing shape of Dryad allows them to assume different roles, mainly meat shields, healing and injuries. He can also transform into a fast travel form on the land, in the ocean, in the sky.

By summoning the power of nature, Dryad can quickly restore his injured companion to life.

When transformed into a bear form, Dryad has a strong skin and a sturdy appearance, making them the ideal protectors for the weak team members on the front line.

Melee and range damage
Dryad can show the shape of a wild cat so that it can claw and bite the enemy, or become a wild moonlight beast to attack the enemy from a distance.