Graphite Gaskets special materials with the best performance

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Graphite Gaskets special materials with the best performance

Posted By xinjia shaoxing     July 12, 2021    


  Carbon fiber and Graphite Gaskets from Graphite Gaskets Manufacturers are the most reliable gasket options for high-pressure, high-temperature applications involving steam.

  In addition to saturated steam, our carbon fiber and Graphite Gaskets can also be used to resist acid, alkali, and salt solutions, organic compounds, and heat transfer fluids at high temperatures.

  Graphite Gaskets Manufacturers' carbon fiber gaskets have a wide range of chemical resistance, and their high thermal conductivity ensures rapid heat dissipation and high-temperature resistance (except for oxidizing atmospheres). Our gaskets are made of graphite sheet materials, which perform well under extreme conditions and can withstand heat, pressure, and aggressive/corrosive chemical environments to maintain stability and sealing performance under high temperature and pressure fluctuations. Graphite Gaskets are usually reinforced with stainless steel inserts.

  Graphite Gaskets special materials with the best performance

  At Mercer, we use high-grade carbon fiber and graphite fiber materials to ensure that our gaskets have excellent integrity and sealing performance:

  Carbon or graphite/nitrile

  Carbon or graphite/SBR

  Pure flexible graphite

  Pure flexible graphite-metal embedding

  PTFE Gaskets Wholesale is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.