Attention should also be paid to the conservation and medical treatment of marine animals

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Attention should also be paid to the conservation and medical treatment of marine animals

Posted By mi le     August 21, 2019    


With the improvement of modern people's living standards, China's economy is developing rapidly. Public aquarium tourism is also developing in a big way, especially in recent years, Qingdao, Dalian and other aquariums have opened one after another. People can see all kinds of marine animals, thousands of rare marine fishes and enjoy the wonderful performances of large marine mammals without going abroad, making people feel as if they are in a real and pure polar world.

However, all kinds of animal exhibition halls of polar ocean halls built by domestic aquariums are mostly independent, with different structural systems and internal supporting facilities.

In recent years, with the continuous development of marine tourism, the application of underwater landscape has been targeted by more and more people. With the increase of water injection into the ornamental water body and the change of water body from fresh water to salt water, more stringent requirements are put forward for the anti-water pressure and anti-corrosion performance of the underwater landscape. More importantly, the landscape must also have good waterproof performance.

The conservation and medical treatment of marine animals are also necessary facilities to be considered in the aquarium project. For different animals and different diseases, the conservation pools must be separated or even set up separate isolation pools. Therefore, it is very important for the company to have professional maintenance personnel. It is not only necessary to keep the aquarium isolated, but also convenient and fast. Therefore, underground passages must be set up between the three areas of animal display and performance, conservation and medical treatment, and the circulation, elevation and water quality of the water in the passages must be designed and configured reasonably.

A large amount of transparent body materials are needed for animal display. The materials should not only have good light transmittance, clarity and small deformation, but also can withstand huge water pressure. Wall-type and barrel-type marine animal display bodies are generally two or three stories high and have huge water pressure. The wall thickness of the display body is required to be more than 0.5m Ordinary glass is both heavy and unsafe, so acrylic is widely used in aquarium.

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