Aquarium Project Uses Acrylic as Transition MaterialAquarium Project Uses Acrylic as Transition Material

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Aquarium Project Uses Acrylic as Transition MaterialAquarium Project Uses Acrylic as Transition Material

Posted By mi le     August 22, 2019    


Aquarium project uses acrylic as a transition material to turn over the mold to complete the underwater landscape construction of the ornamental water body.

Let's take a look at the technological characteristics of acrylic aquarium:

1. The making of underwater landscaping modeling is to use polystyrene board and polyurethane foaming agent to make modeling, which can be processed by scraping, cutting, scribing, cutting, filling and mending techniques, and modified repeatedly so as to make modeling natural and arrange in water body to achieve the effect of draining water and pouring sea.

2. In order to ensure the waterproof, anticorrosive and compressive properties of underwater landscaping. Make full use of the easy molding of glass fiber reinforced plastic, and use it as the carrier material of the mold. At the same time, glass fiber reinforced plastic has anti-seepage, anti-corrosion and good strength, which solves the difficulties encountered in underwater landscape construction.

3. If the underwater landscape has a variety of shapes with the same shape, gypsum is used as an auxiliary material to turn the glass fiber reinforced plastic mold, which not only saves materials, but also shortens the working procedure, thus obtaining good economic benefits and time limit benefits.

4. The modeling of underwater landscape made of glass fiber reinforced plastic retains the original taste, texture and plastic marks of glass fiber reinforced plastic modeling. The sculpture is color treated by configuring a certain proportion of coloring materials, thus increasing the sense of depth in landscaping and strengthening the texture effect on the surface, thus achieving the best effect in the work.

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