LED Street Lights Manufacturers Teach You How to Measure The Quality of Power Supplies

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LED Street Lights Manufacturers Teach You How to Measure The Quality of Power Supplies

Posted By xiu xiu     September 5, 2019    


As a light source of street lights, LED has many advantages such as long life, good seismic performance, adjustable brightness, small loss of luminous flux, the directionality of light, and no harm to the environment. At present, traditional street lights such as high-pressure sodium lights or metal halide lights have been replaced in Europe and the United States, and domestic first- and second-tier cities have also been put into use. The Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) below teaches you how to measure the quality of the power supply.

We all know that LED street lights are mainly used in outdoor environments. They have to withstand harsh environments such as wind, rain, and thunder and lightning. The outside temperature can reach 50 °C at the highest temperature, and it can reach -40 °C at the lowest. On the light-emitting components, the characteristics of the LED itself have achieved very good energy-saving effects, but the power supply has been ignored by major manufacturers. Therefore, the energy-saving power supply will undoubtedly be the most important part of the street light power supply in the future.

LED street lights are installed outdoors, and lightning strikes are a very big threat. There are four types of lightning strikes: direct lightning, conductive lightning, inductive lightning and switching overvoltage. The most influential power supply equipment is induction lightning, which may generate voltages of up to 5000KV or higher, which has great destructive power.

The LED light source belongs to the semiconductor light source. Its own light-emitting characteristics determine its failure rate is quite low, and the failure rate of the connected part is also quite low. The quality of the built-in driving power of the LED directly determines the life of the entire street light, so the power supply becomes the LED street light. The most core part of the industry. At present, there are numerous companies that produce LED power supplies in China, but quality problems often arise due to technical strength and cost control. Once the street light is installed, replacement and maintenance are not difficult, and a lot of manpower and material resources are needed. Therefore, those street lights manufacturers whose quality is not guaranteed are only suffering from late maintenance.

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