How to Troubleshoot Short Circuit And Open Circuit Faults in Public Lighting Lines
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    • Last updated September 28, 2019
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How to Troubleshoot Short Circuit And Open Circuit Faults in Public Lighting Lines

Posted By xiu xiu     September 28, 2019    


At present, there are many types of public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) on the market, and maintenance personnel should fully understand all types of public lighting. For public lighting failures, the problem is mostly on the cable. For this, accurate human analysis and machine testing are required. Because the lines in public lighting are more complicated, corresponding scientific and safe detection methods have also been developed to ensure the safety of public lighting.

Short circuit detection:

(1) DC resistance detection method

In many cases, public lighting faults are caused by short circuits in public lighting. To solve this problem, the most common method is the DC resistance method. The public lighting lines are evenly distributed, and the street lights divide the lines into 40 m sections. In a three-phase four-wire system, generally one loop does not exceed 20 bases of public lighting.

(2) Capacitor current limit detection method

Compared with the DC resistance detection method, the capacitance current limit detection method has obvious advantages, which can improve the detection efficiency. This method is simple to use and is convenient to use when selecting materials. In maintenance materials, it is necessary to use capacitors all the time. When using this method, first determine the specific direction of the cable, then remove the shorted cable end from the switchboard, separate all the cores, and connect a capacitor in series in one power distribution cabinet to ground the other. This ensures the safe operation of the entire line. After power-on, the resistance of the short-circuit point will be greatly reduced. The new circuit is a capacitor circuit after being processed by capacitors, which is stable overall. The capacitor will limit it during the entire power-on process. From the power point, the clamp ammeter will be measured along the overall direction according to its detection principle. With this detection method, the overall fault range will be gradually reduced to finally determine the short-circuit point. From the perspective of overall working time, the use of capacitor current limiting detection method has greatly shortened the maintenance time of the line and improved the efficiency of overall maintenance.

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