Solar Panel Installation: How To determine whether solar panels are suitable for your location or not?

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Solar Panel Installation: How To determine whether solar panels are suitable for your location or not?

Posted By Peter Powell     July 17, 2021    


There are various factors that determine whether solar panels are suitable for your location or not. These are climate and sunlight exposure.
Climate has a direct impact on how much sunshine your property receives. If your location has a lot of snowfall for most days of the year, it could still be possible to use PV panels provided there is a way to remove snow that accumulates on the panels. Discuss with Solar Panel Removal and Install professionals to determine whether you have suitable conditions for the installation or not.
  • Perhaps you are living in a region where there are a lot of clouds that block direct sunshine. The light intensity may be affected. But this does not mean you cannot use PV panels. What this means is light is diffused and is now at a lower intensity. You can still install PV panels if the overall sunlight intensity is sufficient.
  • Some regions struggle with air visibility problems. Particles in the air cause sunlight to be reduced. These may be due to fog, haze, or smog. Conditions are rarely bad enough to prohibit you from using PV panels. But if this happens, you can perhaps use some other renewable energy sources like wind turbines, if there is sufficient wind in your area.

  • Temperature is another climatic condition that affects the performance of your photovoltaic panels. When the temperature rises, PV panels drop inefficiency. For best performance, solar panels should be installed in a location with low temperature and some breeze. This is because semiconductors perform best when they are cool.
  • Wind also affects your PV panel installation. Strong winds may damage your solar panels. But this can be circumvented by planting a hedge on the wind side of your property or using a wind turbine to diffuse the wind power and generate more electricity at the same time. You must also use stronger mounts to prevent wind from tearing out your PV panels.
  • Precipitation usually affects only the amount of sunlight reaching your solar panels. But if there is hail in your area, you have to use solar panels that are hail resistant. PV panel damages can be very costly. Therefore you want to avoid hail damage as much as possible.
  • Apart from climate, sunlight exposure is affected by factors like the skyline, vegetation, overhanging branches, and nearby structures like buildings. You need to plot a sun chart in order to find out how much sunshine your solar panels can receive throughout the day.
Once you have suitable locations for the installation of solar panels, contact professionals to get them planted. After the installation of solar panels, you will want the systems to serve you for a long time period. To accomplish that purpose, you will have to keep them maintained so that you can enjoy their energy efficiency without any hindrances. Since the changes in climate can cause blockages mounting your solar panels, you need to perform regular cleanings.  
If there are multiple blockages, it can block the penetration of sunlight and affect the electricity output rate. Therefore, it is mandatory to keep them dust and debris.  
Moreover, you can hire approved solar maintenance companies that provide operations & maintenance services that comprise preventive and corrective maintenance. These facilities include remote monitoring, inspecting, testing, cleaning, maintaining warranties & claims, repairing and replacing parts. Solar maintenance companies near me services ensure that there will be no system breakdown and do regular inspections of the systems.
The  solar system service maintenance near me  provide services that may include:
  • Routinely cleaning the solar panels to prevent dust accumulation.
  • Secure monthly inverter maintenance is administered by solar companies in charge.
  • Examining the system efficiency through the mobile/web-based application given by the solar solutions company.
  • All wires are unharmed and not loosely hanging, as some might cause fire accidents or electrocution.
  • Inspect roof drainage systems around your rooftop solar installation, as water accumulation can head to corrosion of solar components and structures.
Ensure, you get expert solar services to achieve your goals efficiently.