What Are The Crafts Of Printed Quilt

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What Are The Crafts Of Printed Quilt

Posted By Changshu Dongfang     July 22, 2021    


We all know that printed quilt is made by the printing process, and the printing process can be divided into many kinds, let's take a look at it together.

Crinkle printing, using a printing method to locally apply chemicals that can expand or contract fibers on the fabric, and through appropriate treatment, make the fiber in the printed part and the fiber in the non-printed part have a difference in expansion or contraction, to obtain a regular uneven pattern on the surface The product. Such as pure cotton printed seersucker with caustic soda as a bulking agent. Also called bump printing. The foaming temperature is generally 110C, the time is 30 seconds, and the 80-100 mesh screen is used for printing.

For flat screen printing, the printing mold is a polyester or nylon screen (pattern) fixed on a square frame and has a hollow pattern. The pattern on the pattern can penetrate the color paste, and the non-patterned place is closed with a polymer film. When printing, the pattern is pressed tightly on the fabric, and the color paste is placed on the pattern, which is scraped back and forth with a scraper to make the color paste reach the surface of the fabric through the pattern. The flat-screen printing process is an intermittent rather than a continuous process, so the production speed is not as fast as a rotary screen. The production speed is about 500 yards per hour.

The flannel cationic jacquard fabric can also be a good raw material for the printed quilt.