Unlike spiral wound gaskets, all compressive forces are applied to the graphite surface of Kammprofile Gaskets

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Unlike spiral wound gaskets, all compressive forces are applied to the graphite surface of Kammprofile Gaskets

Posted By xinjia shaoxing     July 26, 2021    


  Kammprofile Gaskets was first developed in Germany and followed the DIN 2697 standard about 40 years ago. They consist of a solid metal core with concentric serrations, and the surface is covered with non-metallic materials such as graphite and various types of PTFE.

  Once the washer is installed, the soft non-metallic material is pressed into the serrated groove of the metalcore. As a result, as the compressive stress increases, multiple concentric high-pressure seals are formed along the surface of the gasket.

  Unlike spiral wound gaskets, all compression forces are applied to the Kammprofile Gaskets graphite surface layer to achieve a very tight seal. Since Kammprofile Gaskets are basically solid metal, instead of applying alternating metal and filler layers on spiral wound gaskets, it has extremely strong elasticity and is easy to handle even at large diameters.

  The compression of Kammprofile Gaskets is much smaller than spiral wound gaskets, about 0.022 inches, while the average compression of spiral wound gaskets is 0.050 inches. Therefore, Kammprofile Gaskets load faster, while reducing the risk of non-parallel flanges.

  In terms of price, Kammprofile Gaskets are much more expensive. However, their increased upfront costs can be offset by avoiding costly unplanned downtime and production losses.

  Custom Rubber Gaskets is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.