Advantages of industrial automation

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Advantages of industrial automation

Posted By Barbara Smith     August 1, 2021    


There are several issues that we must take into account when deciding whether to automate an industrial process. In addition, we will need to take into account whether the automation will be total or partial. This question is especially critical when it comes to a small business. In this type of business, the impact of decisions is greater.
Although each company is different and has its own peculiarities, industrial processes can be adapted to each one to meet technical specifications.
What are the main advantages of industrial automation?
We can find at least 5 advantages of applying industrial automation in our company.
Repeat. When a process is clean, each product or part is performed identically without interruption.
Optimal quality levels. Automation allows processes to be executed with a much higher level of precision than in a manual process. It must be taken into account that the measurements, weights or mixtures are always calculated with the minimum unit.
Cost savings. Although the initial investment can be expensive, there is a long-term personal savings.
Production time. Production time is significantly reduced due to the efficiency and precision of the automated process.
Traceability. These processes allow us to automatically carry out processes and statistics. This situation will allow us greater traceability and quality control.
What elements are key when defining an industrial automation project?
Defining the initial project in detail is essential. In addition, we must take into account all the variables that affect each company. The key elements are:
  • The safety of workers
  • The costs and benefits
  • The production volume and seasonality
  • The shelf life of the product
  • The complexity of the implementation
In any case, it is especially important to have the help of specialists to advise us, to avoid subsequent deviations.
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