What is an hourly cleaning and what does it consist of?

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What is an hourly cleaning and what does it consist of?

Posted By Barbara Smith     December 29, 2021    


Until three decades ago, the fact that someone cleaned the house for you was practically unthinkable for families with normal salaries, but it is increasingly common to find cleaning companies that offer cleaning services by the hour.

In this sense, hourly cleaning services replace that figure of housemaids, hired in perpetuity to bring you even a glass of water, focusing on meeting basic and real needs, adapted to the lifestyle of the 21st century.

Between having 24-hour service, or using Saturday and Sunday, to attend to all the household tasks that you cannot do during the week, there is a middle ground, which although it has nothing to do with caching, solves a lot of tasks, such as maintaining the house cleanses, freeing you from this obligation, and allowing you to really rest and take advantage of more leisure moments.

In case you thought that this type of services is reserved for public organizations, and private companies, below you will see that professional cleaning by the hour is a resource that a large number of people pull, so much so that approximately 40% of homes in large Cities have contracted this type of services, or use them sporadically.

There is an upward trend in the hiring of domestic service for cleaning hours, and most of the clients who request that a company cover their cleaning and home maintenance needs live in large cities, according to statistics.

The main reason, in a high percentage, is the lack of time to clean the house, stock up on products, wash and iron clothes, take care of the children, the workshop, the dentist, appointments with teachers, and all of this. after a full working day.

In a smaller percentage, there are those who recognize that they prefer to take off whims, before being enslaved with domestic routines.

There are also those who call a company, to do the cleaning of the work, after doing a reform in their house.

And of course, there are always occasional clients who hire a professional cleaning service by the hour, when they need to do special jobs such as cleaning sofas and mattresses or cleaning rugs and carpets for example, to which are added those clients who They hire a cleaning company, punctually to have the house ready for special occasions such as Christmas events, dinners with friends, or birthdays.

And now that you know that requesting a cleaning service by the hour is something very normal, and within the reach of all budgets, let's see what it consists of:

What advantages does hire a cleaning company by hours offer you?

According to the National Institute of Statistics, each household uses an average of at least two hours a day to clean each house.
  • The professional cleaning for hours, becomes a flexible and economical solution to keep your perfect home, without having to multiply your workday.
  • If you live in a two-bedroom house, with a two-hour service every other day, you can forget about cleaning tasks, to dedicate your time to rest, and pay more attention to your partner and children. The example that we have just exposed is purely indicative, because each house is a world, and therefore depending on the number of meters, the type of furniture and decorative objects or, the number of members of each family with their habits and ages, the periodicity and time required to do the cleaning may vary.
  • The results obtained with the contracting cleaning services at home, always compensate, because the way of working of professional operators translates into much more efficient work in shorter times, in relation to the domestic work carried out by individuals and housewives. Among the reasons that allow the times to be shortened are the following:
  1. In addition to the lack of time, which most of the members of a household have, which means that tasks are usually carried out in a hasty and superficial way, we must add fatigue, which has a direct impact on the care with which the tasks are carried out. cleaning tasks, since we usually leave an important part of our daily energy in transfers, work and other activities that we occupy day to day.
  2. To this must be added that the only compensation received by those who do the chores in their own home is to enjoy the effort employed for a short period of time, because inevitably after a short time the same routine must be repeated, without receiving the incentives with the that a professional operator has.
  3. And of course, if your vocation and interests have nothing to do with this type of activity, cleaning at home may be a tedious and overwhelming task, for which you have no vocation or aptitude.
  4. The task of professional cleaning operators is precisely to carry out their work correctly, and to meet the performance and efficiency requirements set by your company, in exchange for a payroll, social security, vacations, seniority, training and therefore focus the tasks cleaning from a very different perspective.
  5. Another reason why cleaning spreads more and gives better results, in jobs carried out by cleaning experts, is that an operator performs tasks continuously until completion, without interruptions or distractions.
  6. Knowledge of the best techniques and experience when applying products, in cleaning all types of surfaces, also helps them achieve more optimal and safe results, with respect to the means used by individuals when cleaning a house.