What is Kammprofile Gaskets?
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What is Kammprofile Gaskets?

Posted By xinjia shaoxing     August 2, 2021    


  What are Kammprofile Gaskets?

  Kammprofile Gaskets are a mechanical seal that fills the space between two or more mating surfaces, usually to prevent leakage from or into the connected object under pressure.

  Kammprofile Gaskets allow "not perfect" mating surfaces on machine parts to fill irregularities. Kammprofile Gaskets are made by cutting from sheet materials.

  Kammprofile Gaskets for certain applications (such as high-pressure steam systems) may contain asbestos. However, due to the health hazards associated with asbestos contact, non-asbestos gasket materials are used in practical applications.

  It is generally desirable that Kammprofile Gaskets be made of a material that yields to a certain degree so that it can deform and tightly fill the space for which it is designed, including any slight irregularities. Some gaskets need to apply sealant directly on the surface of the gasket to work properly.

  Some (pipe) Kammprofile Gaskets are completely made of metal, relying on the seat surface to complete the seal; use the spring characteristics of the metal itself (reach but not exceed the yield strength σy of the material). This is a typical feature of some "ring joints" (RTJ) or some other metal gasket systems. These connectors are called R-con and E-con compression type connectors.

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