25 Mechanical Engineering Case Study Topics that You Can Consider

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25 Mechanical Engineering Case Study Topics that You Can Consider

Posted By Deborah Roughton     August 12, 2021    


If you are looking for mechanical engineering case study assignment samples and topics, you have arrived at the right place.

  1. Prismatic member stress analysis in axial, shearing, torsional, and flexural deformations
  2. Structures and structural components subjected to force analysis.
  3. Flow similarity and dimensional analysis as applied to fluid mechanics engineering challenges
  4. Artificial Intelligence and Design (from the perspective of Mechanical Engineering)
  5. Casting technology applied in aerospace structural components
  6. A case study on perfect welding in various industries

If you are having a hard time finding the required information, you can refer to the samples section of the academic service providers. Or, you can pore through the university libraries. You will get optimum mechanical engineering assignment help.

  1. Experimental analysis of the aerodynamic properties of a standard airfoil
  2. Mechanical system dynamics and control in offshore engineering
  3. An unthrottled gasoline engine with an innovative variable valvetrainstudied for combustion and energy balance.
  4. Aerodynamics of flapping wings: advancements and problems
  5. Development of Advanced Batteries and Fuel Cells for Electric Vehicles
  6. Recent developments in engine emission control strategies
  7. Adaptive brake judder compensating caused by DTV
  8. The NREL phase II rotor modelling using computational aerodynamics.
  9. The usefulness of robotic systems in mechanical engineering 
  10. The case of integrating ICTs in mechanical engineering products: technology cross-fertilization and the business model

If you find the task of writing the case study difficult, you can buy custom essay in Australia.

  1. Enhanced accelerated PSO algorithm for mechanical engineering optimization issues
  2. Material selection in mechanical engineering design using a knowledge-based methodology
  3. The discrete element technique used in mechanical engineering
  4. Principles, features, and applications of magnetorheological fluid devices in mechanical engineering
  5. Mechanical engineering drawing interpretation guided by knowledge
  6. Experiments on the consequences of trichloroethylene exposure in mechanical engineering
  7. Application of particle swarm optimization in mechanical engineering help
  8. Skin Model Shapes: A New Paradigm in Mechanical Engineering Geometric Variation Modelling
  9. Size, coupling, and solvability: the three criteria for mechanical engineering design complexity.

Which one of the above-mentioned topics did you find interesting? If you scour through various journals and research papers, you can come up with your own topics. And if you need CDR Report Engineers Australia, you can hire professional essay writer experts.

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