Always store the Mini Car Freezer upright and prevent overheating and moisture

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Always store the Mini Car Freezer upright and prevent overheating and moisture

Posted By zhuoyue cixi     August 15, 2021    


  Tips for using Mini Car Freezer

  To get the most out of your Mini Car Freezer, please follow and review the following best practices:

  Always store the Mini Car Freezer upright and protect it from overheating and moisture.

  Keep the coil and power supply free of dust and debris. Please follow the maintenance schedule listed in the instruction manual.

  In order to get the best freezing performance, pre-cool the freezer for 30-60 minutes before adding food. If possible, refrigerate and/or freeze food in your home refrigerator, and then transfer the cooled or frozen items to your refrigerator for transportation.

  Regularly use an external thermometer to measure the internal temperature of the refrigerator. Compare it to the set on the thermostat. When it is hot outside, you may need to adjust the settings to reach the desired temperature.

  When using Mini Car Freezer outdoors, please place it in a cool place that is not affected by dust/wind. It is best to avoid placing it in damp places, near roads, or places where it might rain.

  When using the refrigerator in the car, make sure to fasten it to prevent it from moving while driving. Check whether your Mini Car Freezer has the necessary clearance and the exhaust system is free of obstructions.

  Do not use the portable freezer in an overheated environment or an environment with insufficient circulation.

  Use a spare battery, generator, or mobile power supply to charge your refrigerator overnight to prevent it from draining your car battery.

  DC chest freezer is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.