How Could You Choose Pvc Foam Sheet?

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How Could You Choose Pvc Foam Sheet?

Posted By jianguan ccc     August 25, 2021    



PVC foam sheet is currently used in many places in life equipment, including ordinary consumers and factory customers will choose, select high-quality PVC sheet is a certain skill, as follows:

PVC board can be divided into: PVC hard board, PVC soft board and environmentally friendly PVC board. PVC rigid board has good corrosion resistance, high strength, high hardness, easy processing and welding, etc. It is widely used in acid-base tanks, extraction vessels, and other chemical, water treatment, environmental protection equipment, etc.; PVC transparent flexible board is non-toxic , Sanitation, good weather resistance, high strength, good transparency, and physical properties better than plexiglass. Widely used in equipment guards, drinking water tanks, liquid level display containers, etc.; PVC soft plates are soft and wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, tear resistant, and good weldability. It is widely used in chemical industry, electroplating, electrolytic cell lining, insulating cushion, etc.; environmentally friendly PVC sheet has high brightness, non-toxic, and suitable for export quality requirements.

For the purchase of PVC sheet, simple identification can be made according to its own characteristics. When purchasing pvc panels, customers must master its identification characteristics.

We are one of the professional PVC foam sheet manufacturer and welcome to your come and purchase!