Ways You Can Memorialize Your Dog Forever

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Ways You Can Memorialize Your Dog Forever

Posted By Jeson Clarke     September 4, 2021    


There are no prescribed rituals to mourn the death of a dog, the way it happens when people die. Some dog owners arrange cremations or burials or keep framed dog portraits in memory of their beloved pet. However there are a number of other special ways to memorialize a dog forever. Get dog portraits by visiting this website.

You can commemorate your dog with touching words, like writing a poem customized to remember your pet if you are a literary-minded individual. You can also find someone skilled in writing nostalgic tributes to draft one expressing your love for your beloved dog.

Another way is to commission a felted replica. Have you heard about items knitted with dog fur? Some people, like New York artist Linda Facci, create felted miniature dog replicas. You can order from the service and you will receive a lifelike replica. The designers can even place a pet’s ashes inside the masterpiece replicas or include the hair in the felt used for making the sculpture.

A pet’s tooth can also be turned into jewelry to help to memorialize a dog. Several jewelers make a mold from a dog’s tooth and create a silver replica. You can wear it on a bracelet or necklace. You can also find crafters who make pendants of dog teeth set into glass or resin.

The nose of each dog is unique. You can use the uniqueness to create a nose print in the form of a mold replica made with your pet’s snout. Kits on sale at stores like Amazon or Chewy will help you make a nose print or footprint.

If you decide to cremate your pet’s body after death, the ashes are something you can turn into diamonds. Some companies can make lab-created diamonds out of dogs’ ashes by using carbon they heat to extremely high temperatures. An advantage to this is that you can select the type of cut, color and size. You can even ask them to incorporate the ash diamonds into jewelry.

Other ways to memorialize your dog:

  • Mix dog ashes with ink for a tattoo of the dead pet
  • Freeze dry the dead pet instead of burial or cremation
  • Get a clone of your pet using its DNA through a scientific procedure (this is pretty expensive, starting at about $50,000)
  • Turn cremains into a firework display

The above methods are just some of the ways to memorialize a pet beyond creating dog portraits.

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