When to consider using earplugs
    • Last updated September 8, 2021
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When to consider using earplugs

Posted By Attunehearing Attunehearing     September 8, 2021    


We always protect our eyes with sunglasses from exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun but always forget to protect our ears from the noise. To protect our ears, we need to wear earplugs to block the noise. One would ask when we should wear earplugs as it is obvious when to wear sunglasses. Knowing when to wear earplugs and protect your ears is the first step to preventing hearing damage. They reduce the chances of hearing impairment.


When to consider using earplugs:

  1. When doing home chores

Once in a while or weekly, your grass needs to be cut, or you have some repairs that involve loud noise. The repairs could involve power tools, a generator or the lawnmower to cut the grass. This noise is too loud and can cause damage to your hearing. Earplugs will provide protection when doing the tasks.


  1. Watching movies and concerts

The movies have some scenes that have some loud noises. Concerts are even louder, and the noise may cause damage to your ears. It is always an excellent choice to wear earplugs to minimise the noise.


  1. Outdoor sports

Outdoor activities such as motorcycle riding, snowmobiling or motorsport are very loud. Being in the cheer squad is equally loud too. Some people also participate in shooting. It is essential to always wear earplugs if you are a shooter. The noise from a single gunshot can damage your ears permanently.



  1. Workplace

Some workplaces have very loud noises. For example, factory workers are required to have earplugs all the time due to the heavy machinery and repetitive noise. This is similar to radio station workers as they are exposed to loud music daily. If you work in a noisy environment, it is crucial to consider wearing earplugs. This also applies to construction workers.


When choosing the earplugs, ensure they are the right shape and size for your ears. They need to fit. If you need custom earplugs, visit Attune hearing clinics. We also offer a full range of medical hearing services. Visit our website for more details. You can also book an appointment for a hearing test.