What Does OG Kush Mean?

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What Does OG Kush Mean?

Posted By Lee Wood     September 16, 2021    


Whether it is “ocean grown” or “original gangsta” to you, you have definitely heard of the strain OG Kush if you’ve ever been exposed to rap and hip hop music. Said to be a favorite of 2 Chainz, Snoop and Wiz, OG Kush is that celebrity you have heard of in so many different places but still might not have a clue who (or what) they are. To learn more about OG Kush, click here.

This is for anyone gazing longingly at doobies and wondering what sets this type of cannabis apart from other smokables — and where the term even came from some 30 years ago.

The resource for all things slang and for when you have no clue what the kids are saying anymore, Urban Dictionary has it all: even OG Kush. According to the internet bible, it is an intense strain of sativa-heavy hybrid cannabis that you can smell from the other room, with psychoactive effects that last longer than your typical score. The buds are composed of light green clusters with frosty white hairs, or resin in technical terms, on the outside. The THC strength is routinely at least 20%, which for the unfamiliar, is pretty potent.

The origin story of this classic strain is, unfortunately, a little fuzzy, but it is believed to have gotten its start in California, hence the “ocean grown” nickname. It is said to have been cultivated sometime in the 1990s through the cloning of “91 chemdawg.

The effects of this hybrid flower, being slightly more sativa leaning, are generally described as cerebrally stimulating, meaning you may feel more focused or alert, and colors may appear more vibrant to you. This is opposed to indica strains, which tend to be physically relaxing and slow you down a little. It is not a pure sativa strain, so you may feel a combination of both the cerebral and physical effects, but it will neither make your mind race nor glue you to a couch. This strain would a great accompaniment to gaming or movies or to be shared among friends in an appropriate adult setting.

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