Why Do Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Are Loved By People?

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Why Do Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Are Loved By People?

Posted By stainlesskb112 afa     September 11, 2018    


The cabinet material of the laundry cabinet is generally stainless steel, solid wood and jade laundry cabinet. For the maintenance of the laundry cabinet cabinet, regardless of whether the laundry cabinet is placed there, it is easy to cause damage and the life is not long. Simple maintenance can make the laundry cabinet use longer. What should I pay attention to in the daily use of Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet ?

1. When handling, it should be lifted gently, not hard to pull hard; when placed, it should be flat and stable, if the ground is not flat, the legs will be solid to prevent damage to stainless steel.

2.any material laundry cabinet, if it is exposed to the sun all year round will turn yellow. Therefore, if the laundry cabinet is installed on the balcony, it is necessary to install a curtain on the window of the balcony.
Although stainless steel does not turn yellow, it is contaminated with reflected light.

3.for the maintenance of the cabinet, that is, external maintenance. Taomi water rubbing method is the most simple and practical method. After the rice is washed, the milky white rice water is used to scrub the cabinet. The soft cloth is often used along the texture of the wood to remove the dust from the cabinet. The effect is very good!
The bright cabinet is like the one just bought back.

4.when cleaning the interior should try to use some clean soft cotton cloth that is not easy to remove hair.
Avoid using overheated, oversized liquids to clean the inside of the cabinet.

5.with cracks, can be mixed with putty and pigment and then embedded in the plug to keep the long-term is not bad. However, it should be noted that the putty and pigment should be consistent with the original paint color to prevent the scar from being left behind.