Are Electric Toothbrushes FSA Eligible?

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Are Electric Toothbrushes FSA Eligible?

Posted By Daniel Stewart     September 29, 2021    


A flexible spending account (FSA) is a great way to offset healthcare costs. In addition to standard medical care, these accounts also include anything that treats or prevents dental disease. If you are looking for a flexible spending account, you should visit this website.

So does that include items you would use for general oral care? Are electric toothbrushes FSA eligible? Keep reading to find out!

What is an FSA and How Does it Work?

An FSA is a type of savings account that only covers medical and healthcare expenses. It's similar to a health savings account (HSA) in the fact that contributions are tax-free. However, the main difference is that your employer owns and funds an FSA.

FSA funds are available on day one. But, you can only use them on qualifying medical expenses. Typically, you must submit a request and proof of the payment to your employer for reimbursement.

FSA and Dental Care

Your FSA can cover a wide range of dental expenses. From major oral surgery to preventative care, an FSA can do a lot to help you manage unexpected costs.

There is, however, one caveat. Dental procedures must be medically necessary to be FSA eligible. They have to treat or prevent dental disease. If they don't, the expenses don't qualify for FSA coverage.

That means that cosmetic procedures like whitening, dental veneers, and other aesthetically focused treatments don't fit the bill!

Are Electric Toothbrushes FSA Eligible?

Are you still confused? You're not alone! A flexible spending account is supposed to cover expenses that treat or prevent disease. On paper, equipment like a pricey electric toothbrush would seem to qualify. Regular brushing helps prevent dental problems, right?

Unfortunately, electric toothbrushes aren't as much of a gray area as most would expect. They do not qualify for FSA reimbursement. The reason for disqualification is that they're considered a general health item. You would use an electric toothbrush regardless of prescription or recommendation from a dentist.

Making the Most of an FSA

While they don't cover electric toothbrushes, FSAs can do a lot to manage out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. If you're thinking about opening an FSA, speak with your employer and choose an option that offers plenty of flexibility to take care of your needs.

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