LED Public Lighting for Urban Road Lighting Is Better

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LED Public Lighting for Urban Road Lighting Is Better

Posted By xiu xiu     October 10, 2019    


The National Development and Reform Commission has drawn up plans to eliminate inefficient lighting products, promote efficient and energy-saving lighting products and further promote China's green-lighting projects.

Relevant research shows that office lighting energy consumption accounts for about 30% of the total building energy consumption, and office lighting has become an important link in energy conservation and emission reduction. The high-efficiency led lamp is adopted to replace the traditional common incandescent lamp, which obviously improves the lighting quality, has bright lines and is vivid and smooth.

Led Public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) is mainly used for large-area basic lighting, thus achieving the purpose of energy conservation. LED public lighting on the market varies in size and shape; From the power input mode, there are single-ended input and two-ended input.

LED public lighting features: a lens with light transmittance up to 85%, light-emitting angle 120~140 degrees, 100% light output being effectively utilized. The traditional lighting angle of the lamp tube is 360 degrees, and a large part of the light is opposite to the required lighting direction, which causes about 30% of the luminous flux to be lost.

When choosing road lighting, we should choose LED public lighting that not only meets the requirements of use function and lighting quality but also is convenient to install and low in long-term operation cost.

Under the theme of green, environmental protection, energy-saving and low carbon in the global lighting market, LED public lighting has gradually expanded its application scope in road lighting.

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