In what range should the die casting mold be heated?

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In what range should the die casting mold be heated?

Posted By Lora wu     October 9, 2021    


If the temperature of the metal being cast is too high for the mold, it can cause damage to the mold, which can result in a significant reduction in the mold's useful life. If the temperature is too low, the metal will cool too quickly as it is being poured into the mold, resulting in defects (such as porosity problems or misruns) in the finished product.

How can A&B Die Casting assist you?
When it comes to temperature control, we at A&B zinc die casting take things very seriously. We have extensive experience in maintaining the optimal temperature for our materials and casting equipment. We use 3D flow analysis software to ensure that the die casting services filling is optimal, resulting in superior casting quality. The software allows us to simulate how the specified material will flow into a mold, allowing us to more accurately gauge the overall effectiveness of the mold as well as identify any potential issues with the material temperature fluctuations while it flows into the mold.

A&B aluminum die casting has been providing low-to-medium volume aluminum and zinc die castings to manufacturers all over the world for more than 70 years. From the initial stages of engineering and prototyping through machining, finishing, assembly, packaging, and shipping, our experienced team develops solutions for your production needs while adhering to your exact specifications.

In addition to die casting aluminum temperature, other factors to consider are die casting defects causes and solutions casting machine or casting chamber temperature, and the alloy being used for casting temperature.

Keeping each of these temperatures within its respective optimal range is essential for producing the highest-quality die casting mold cast parts.

The temperature of an alloy varies greatly depending on the material. Two of the most commonly used die cast alloys – aluminum and zinc – are shown below.

aluminum 360, 380, and 413 are by far the most popular metals for China die casting manufacturer casting, with 360 being the most popular by far.


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