Advantages of Retransfer Plastic Bucket Heat Transfer Machine Are Introduced

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Advantages of Retransfer Plastic Bucket Heat Transfer Machine Are Introduced

Posted By gao bao     October 10, 2021    


Retransfer printing of plastic bucket heat transfer machine has a number of practical advantages over DTC printing, such as:

Card durability - The film acts as a protective layer over the card and the print. The print fades less with time and is less likely to be damaged
Fraud protection - It offers more tamper protection because the entire film needs to be scraped off to make changes to the image.
Printer reliability - The printhead never comes into contact with the card, so there is much less wear and tear.
More card options - The flexible film can adhere to cards with uneven surfaces like embedded, punctured, or proximity cards. You can also print on thicker cards, up to 40 mils.
Print quality - Retransfer printers can produce higher-definition images with richer colors.
Security Options - Retransfer printing allows for using more security measures on your cards, such as watermarks or extra lamination.
Over-the-edge printing - DTC printers can’t print right to the edge of the cards and always leaves a thin edge. Retransfer printers can print right to and even over edges.

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