Add These Procedures To Hot Stamping Machine

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Add These Procedures To Hot Stamping Machine

Posted By gao bao     June 15, 2020    


Here are three ways to use hot stamping equipment on your machines:

Branding is a hot stamping process that requires a part code or serial number that has no color. Branding is usually hot stampingapplied when the user of the product cannot easily discern a cold stamped mark. When ink marking or paper labels can’t be used, branding is a great option because the marking is visible and the product isn’t destroyed. Branding is long-lasting – it can survive harsh environments that ink and paper cannot. This type of marking is use often on plastic handles, tubing and electrical connectors.

Adding color or decoration
When you need your marking to stand out, adding color is a great option. Adding color requires the use of a hot stamp press with foil, which transfers color to the marking sequence. While we do not offer a hot stamp press with foil, our devices are designed to accommodate hot stamp presses from other manufacturers.

Stamping a variety of materials
The hot stamping machine can be used to stamp a variety of materials, including plastics, rubber, leather, fabrics, silicone, and more. Hot stamping equipment can increase the capabilities of your metal marking machine from Numberall, allowing you the freedom to mark a greater variety of your product without investing in an entirely different machine.

We produce a vast selection of marking equipment that can be equipped for hot stamping. Numberall’s Models 50P, 70, 80, 83, 85 Numbering Heads and Model 23 Type Holder, due to their hot stamping capabilities and press style shank, are thereby referred to as Models 250P, 270P, 280P, 283P, 285P, and 223P, respectively.

The fully automatic heat transfer printing machine is one of our products, welcome to your come and purchase!