Some Foils Used In Hot Stamping Machine

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Some Foils Used In Hot Stamping Machine

Posted By gao bao     June 29, 2020    


In order to achieve various kinds of finishes and designs, different types of custom foil materials are used in hot stamping machine.

Some commercial foil materials used in the foil stamping process are

Metallic Foils,
Pigmented Foils,
Pearlescent Foils,
Special Design Foils, and
Scratch Foils

1. Metallic Foils:
These are the most common types of foils used in the foil stamping process. They give a classic metallic finish to the design and are usually available in gold and silver colours, although other colours are also used.

2. Pigmented Foils:
Pigmented foils produce a matte or glossy non-metallic finish on the design. They are very versatile and can be used on a variety of medium materials from paper to plastic. They can be of any desired colour.

3. Pearlescent Foils:
Pearlescent foils add a beautiful pearly shine to the design. They are mostly used on greeting cards and wedding invitations and are available in both transparent as well as translucent finishes.

4. Special Design Foils:
These foils are of many different types (such as holographic foils) and are used to produce a wide variety of patterns on the medium. They can produce special effects such as holographs, stripes, sparkles, and other patterns for custom printing.

Holographic foils have a three dimensional or rainbow colour design and are especially important. They are used to prevent counterfeiting while producing bank notes, ID cards, credit cards, and other high-security items.

5. Scratch Foils:
These foils are designed to be easily scratched off by means of a coin or fingernail. They are mostly used on items such as lottery tickets and phone recharge cards.

The foil print on the paper or card is not permanent and can be scratched off easily. This is why they are perfect as a temporary cover for highly sensitive information.

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