Spell Combos you Should Know for Spellbreak

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Spell Combos you Should Know for Spellbreak

Posted By Jeson Clarke     October 11, 2021    


Spellbreak is definitely one of the newest additions to the battle royale genre, but it’s also one of the most unique. With the ability to use spells and combine them, this game offers a ton of versatility for play styles. In this blog, we’ll give you some of the best spell combos that you can use in the game.

Ice and Lightning

Combining Ice and Lightning and lead to some high damage. You can electrify your ice constructs, like Ice Puddles, Ice Lances, and more. This allows you to cover a large area and make some powerful and intimidating attacks.

Wind and Toxic

Combining Wind and Toxic can give you a ton of control over your Toxic attacks. With Wind, you can adjust the trajectory of your Toxic Clouds easily. You can also create a devastating Toxic Whirlwind by combining Whirlwind on a Toxic Puddle.

Fire and Stone

With Fire and Stone you can set up some devastating defensive and offensive combos. You can use Boulderfall and set your boulders on fire, causing your opponents to back off or suffer the damage from your flaming boulders. You can also set up a defensive firewall and then use Stone spells like Shockwave from behind it.

Fire and Toxic

Fire and Toxic make for a deadly defensive combo. Making flame walls toxic or toxic clouds full of fire are great ways to dole out some damage. But if you really want to get fancy with it, you can have a player cast Whirlwind, and then you launch a toxic attack followed by a flame attack to create the deadly Dragonbreath spell.

Wind and Lightning

Wind and Lightning is one of the best offensive combos in the game. You can create electric tornadoes and send Wind Sheer through lightning to electrify opponents from range.

Become a Better Player with a Spellbreak Trainer

If you want to become a better Spellbreak player, you can use a Spellbreak trainer to do so quickly. A Spellbreak trainer can teach you aim and how to make your spell combos more effective. Try it out today to start improving your skills. Get the best spellbreak trainer by visiting this website.

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