What are the Benefits of Professional Rooftop Solar Service Providers?
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What are the Benefits of Professional Rooftop Solar Service Providers?

Posted By Peter Powell     October 13, 2021    


Solar renewable energy has given a hope to get uninterrupted electricity round the clock. US, UK, Canada, China, Japan, and India have realized the power of solar. It is believed that many countries will soon be dependent on almost 50% of solar for getting energy and an inevitable reason for this is the rooftop solar power solution. It has encouraged many small firms and homeowners to get electricity from renewable energy. Many companies have come forward to provide rooftop solutions at exciting prices. But hiring a professional Solar Panel Removal and Install is always beneficial. There are several factors of it.


Surveying the Site


When a professional solar service provider takes up charge of rooftop installation, it is responsible for doing a survey of the site. Most rooftops are not designed according to solar needs. Therefore, close inspection is required to suggest the changes you may need to make on the rooftop.


A Survey of the site by a professional Solar Panel Removal and Install near Me will help you much. They do a complete survey of the space and decide on orientation. According to experts, 1kW of panels would need 100-300 SF (around 12-meter square) of shade-free roof area. In orientation, the expert team decides which will be an ideal direction to place the panel face.


Calculation of the Energy Consumption


It is your rooftop solar service provider near me that monitors your energy consumption. The amount of energy you need is based on the load that needs to be supported. The load is calculated on per daily basis. The Wh (Wattage of the appliance, No. of appliances, Hours for working) is converted into kWh/day. 


Energy consumed by all the appliances is calculated separately and together. At this point, the rooftop solar service help near me tries to identify the appliance taking more power. A list is created and customers are requested to cut out unnecessary appliances and old appliances to reduce the investment in the solar power plant.


Sizing of the Solar Panels


Only professional solar service near me designers can able to tell the number of panels you need to install. They calculate the power consumption of each appliance and find out the exact amount of solar panels needed for installation. The designer and engineer team forecast the wattage of each panel. 


In case, sufficient roof space is not available, the designer may revisit the loads to identify critical loads, and solar power with battery backup is suggested to ensure that the critical loads receive power even after a power cut. According to a professional and experienced rooftop solar service help company, the sizing of your Solar panels can be achieved through 5 simple steps-


  • Surveying the site
  • Calculation of the amount of solar energy available
  • Calculation of requirement of energy
  • Scoping of the project
  • Sizing of solar panels


Contact a reliable renewable agency. Make sure the agency is MNRE registered to get an assurance of the best service.

Article Source : https://solarrepaircompany.wordpress.com/2021/10/14/what-are-the-benefits-of-professional-rooftop-solar-service-providers/