What Is The Situation Faced by Solar LED Street Light Manufacturers?

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What Is The Situation Faced by Solar LED Street Light Manufacturers?

Posted By xiu xiu     October 16, 2019    


In recent years, there are more and more Solar led street light(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) manufacturers in China. However, from the street light industry, it is a blue sea with dazzling new stars and capital influx, and suddenly it becomes a situation of overcapacity and misery everywhere. In such an industry situation, many solar LED street light manufacturers have begun to withdraw from the transformation, but there are also many solar LED street light manufacturers constantly exploring in this lighting industry.

For now, street light manufacturers are facing many problems, such as fierce competition, small scale, insufficient technological innovation ability, most enterprises concentrated in the low end of the market, low level repeated competition, etc. High street light prices are still a "roadblock" in the process of street light popularization. How can street light manufacturers solve the problems they are facing now?

Technological upgrading, a sharp drop in costs, and increasing product penetration will be the future development options for the street light industry. Street light manufacturers need to adhere to the market orientation and upgrade their own technology according to the development of the market, so as to take place in the competition. There are dealers as the link between street light manufacturers and stores to help manufacturers complete the final marketing, distribution, and after-sales of products.

As a result, most of the time, dealers are the people who directly contact with stores and consumers. The price of outdoor lighting lights is very important to the distributors of street light manufacturers. If the enterprises do not actively support the distributors and strengthen the sales ability of the distributors, the sales volume of the stores will be affected, and the competitiveness of the enterprises will be greatly reduced, thus being eliminated by the market.

The reason why the street light industry has such a situation is that in addition to pushing the threshold low, there is also the prevalence of plagiarism and imitation among the street light manufacturers in the industry. The homogenization of products is very serious, which leads to the enthusiasm of solar LED street light manufacturers for a price war. In addition, the realization is becoming saturated and the demand is decreasing, resulting in overcapacity. Therefore, this has LED many solar LED street light manufacturers to withdraw from the lighting market one after another.

With the development of lifestyle and concept, people's lighting consumption is transitioning from purchasing simple lighting products to overall halo mirror solutions. While paying attention to product performance and style, people pay more attention to the lighting effect and customization of the application environment. The solar LED street light manufacturers should take innovation as the breakthrough point and break the industry's inherent mode. This is perhaps a new direction of development.

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