Energy Saving Principle of Solar LED Street Light

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Energy Saving Principle of Solar LED Street Light

Posted By xiu xiu     October 21, 2019    


Energy-saving principle of Solar led street light(CLASSICLEDLIGHT):

The main material of solar panels is silicon. When the solar panel is irradiated by light, it can convert light energy into electric energy and make electric energy flow from one direction to the other. There is a problem in this: the battery board can reflect sunlight, so smart people invented something: a thin film to prevent light reflection, which covers the battery board and turns it purple. The inclination angle of the battery panel can also affect the lighting effect.

During the day, the photovoltaic module absorbs light, converts solar energy into electric energy, stores the electric energy in the solar light battery, and releases the electric energy at night. In sunny days, it only takes 4 hours to be fully charged with electric energy, and each time the electric energy is fully charged, it can be maintained for more than 5 days, and the continuous rainy weather lasts for 4 days. It should be noted here that the light control, time and space can be set by the controller so that the intensity of the emitting point can be controlled.


In fact, it is to make use of some relatively environmental protection concepts and then carry out some practical operations. It is very practical and very simple because it does not need too many complicated operations to use. It looks like a solar LED street light. Such a street light only absorbs the energy of sunlight when in use, and then converts the energy into electric energy, so the electric energy can illuminate the street light at night, so the solar LED street light has very good effect, saves time and energy, and can be used for a long time without too much overhead.

We all know that solar energy is the existence of energy conservation and environmental protection. With the improvement of economic development level, solar road lighting has become an integral part of beautifying urban landscape. Moreover, compared with ordinary street light installation, solar LED street light installation does not need to lay complicated circuits, only needs to make a cement base and then fix it with stainless steel screws.

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