I don't go to the Runescape 3 page much anymore

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I don't go to the Runescape 3 page much anymore

Posted By wang rui     October 25, 2021    


They even mention "there's going to RuneScape gold be some massive, long lasting ramifications to the world" which could very well mean they will change parts of the landscape and add new battlegrounds/dungeons.

Beta Changes EoC/Legacy Mashup. Interfaces are now separated combat from combat modes. You can play using Legacy interfaces, EoC combat or the new customisable interfaces. Choose your preference in the game's settings menu.

Improved Melee 2H. Quake now deals 219% damage to the main target. Hurricane will now hit the main target twice. Meteor Strike will now deal AoE damage to opponents in close proximity. Meteor Strike does not require an opponent to be less than 50% of their life points. An opponent will now be subject to a 1.2 second bind by Barge. Barge is no longer sharing the cooldown for surge. A barge without a target will no more be able to perform surge. In the next update, this will be changed to allow the targeting cursor.

Legacy Soul Split Healing. Legacy combat has been modified to eliminate the cap on healing to bring two-handed Soul Split healing into line. PvP Focused adjustments. Prayers that disable are now eliminated from Snipe, Dragonbreath and Havoc. Basic stuns now last for 1.2 seconds. Basic and threshold stuns no longer share a cooldown. A global cooldown won't be triggered if you consume food during PvP in nonLegacy combat mode.

I'm a bit late, but I don't go to the Runescape 3 page much anymore. Are there any thoughts on these changes? Although I believe the Meteor Strike needs to be altered, the one thing I would prefer to see is one that's not here. It is important that adrenaline does not disappear through food. We are living in a time of healing that is free and we must be encouraged to eat. It's absurd that buy rs 3 gold sara drinks don't provide the same benefits as food.