How Are Infographics Used in Digital Marketing?
    • Last updated October 29, 2021
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How Are Infographics Used in Digital Marketing?

Posted By oliverjames oliverjames     October 29, 2021    


Infographics are visual graphics that are accompanied by data that is relevant to viewers. They capture the target audience’s attention excellently. There are four types of infographics:


    1. Static infographics

These infographics can be placed on your blog or website.


    1. Social media infographics

These infographics are designed for social media. They meet all the social media requirements.


    1. Video infographic


Instead of a picture or diagram, a company creates a video with the client’s information. Most people on social media watch videos rather than reading.


    1. PowerPoint infographics


These infographics are created for a specific moderate-sized audience.



So, How Are They Used in Digital Marketing?


    1. Information guide

They are used to deliver information that can be hard using other media. For example, you can use diagrams or other visual elements to create an information guide that references people who buy your product. When you create a visual guide, you eliminate confusion that may arise. You also reduce the many phone calls that you receive for clarity.


    1. Company asset

Some companies use infographics and hope they will bring them money and clients. They share the infographics hoping that other people who see them will share on social media and drive more traffic to their website.


    1. Attract leads

Infographics are used in digital marketing to attract new leads and generate interest in one’s brand or website. They have a powerful way of drawing people’s attention, which is the target goal for marketing. Placing your infographic at the centre of your page will help focus attention on your message to people who read it bring attention to your page.


    1. Share on social media

With social media everywhere, whenever someone comes across a nice post, they share it on the page or send it to their friends. You could use infographics as a social media item where you create sharable content. For people to share your content, it needs to be informative and exciting.


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