Apply Fully Automatic Heat Transfer Machine In These Places

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Apply Fully Automatic Heat Transfer Machine In These Places

Posted By gao bao     October 31, 2021    


  1. Heat transfer printing on the fully automatic heat transfer printing machine is a new method for printing patterns on commodities of various materials. It is especially suitable for making a small number of personalized and customized commodities and printing patterns containing full-color images or photos. The principle is to print the digital pattern on the special transfer paper with special transfer ink through the printer, and then use the special transfer machine to accurately transfer the pattern to the commodity surface at high temperature and high pressure to complete the commodity printing.
    2. Heat transfer technology can also use a variety of different transfer materials to achieve different printing effects. The most important are adhesive film transfer and sublimation transfer. The transfer paper of adhesive film transfer contains colloid, and then the colloid pattern is printed on the surface of goods by means of high temperature and high pressure. Cool net adopts imported transfer paper and ink with excellent quality. The printed colloidal pattern is very thin, breathable, non stick, non crack, washable and non falling off; Different from the domestic transfer paper used in many shops, the colloidal pattern printed is thick, and often has the disadvantages of stickiness and cracking. Cool net's 100% cotton clothes are printed with glue film transfer technology. Sublimation transfer is a new generation of technology, using special sublimation ink and sublimation transfer paper. The pattern printed on the commodity will not produce colloid. If it is transferred to the clothes, the ink is directly sublimated into the clothes fiber. The fastness is the same as that of cloth dyeing, and the color is sharp, which is more suitable for colorful patterns
    3. Not all products that can be heat transferred can print patterns by heat transfer, which involves factors such as heat resistance, smoothness. Due to the continuous progress of technology, the heat transfer technology has been used to mature and develop hundreds of commodities, including clothes, cloth bags, hats, pillows, mugs, tiles, watches, mouse pads, coasters, hanging calendars, medals, brocade flags. will use the latest heat transfer printing and other technologies to continuously develop more personalized goods, from head to toe, from wear to use, to meet your desire for a unique heart.

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