You're looking to go with the classics

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You're looking to go with the classics

Posted By wei yisamrt     November 1, 2021    


Which server? I'm not saying it didn't happen at all. Just minimally compared to most servers. While I was on Bloodsail toward the WOW TBC Gold end of the game, I had previously been on Thalnos and benediction before that. Horde on mankrik. Alliance on the other three. Bloodsail was less troubled as compared to other servers. There were people who came to our server to buy mats from the AH for sale on other servers.

Vanilla is more difficult than vanilla, which means there aren't any wbuffs or more difficult bosses for raids. A lot of people have complained about that MC was an insult. This has been addressed. The developers are also working on fixing mage boosting. This should improve the world's interaction and increase the quality of the leveling experience.

A lot of "Classic" players want #nochanges. Classic+ would not be Classic, and it could only appeal to those who don't like vanilla. Modern MMO players will prefer an updated design, while older vanilla players will want a simple design and the best option is "no modifications" because they are bad at playing...

Many players have switched to FF14 or New World so now they are expecting more or have just switched games. Classic+ has to be brainless like Classic to be able to accommodate "bad" players (LFR) that can only do Classic but on the other one hand, it should provide modern encounters for everyone else... It's a challenge to make, if ever. It is unlikely that the Classic+ community would come all together because of the fragmentation.

You're looking to go with the classics but don't want it to be the most classic. It seems that you want to play something completely different. Each private server that attempted Classic + gave up after the first few weeks. The primary reason to participate in this 15-year-old game is the community.

On that front Classic has been a success more than Classic + version ever could. the thing you're asking for is an old game of 15 years to innovate and bring the latest technology, which they didit, they're called cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold expansions , and while some suck, that is practically Classic +.