The most notable change is the combination
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    • Last updated November 15, 2021
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The most notable change is the combination

Posted By wei yisamrt     November 15, 2021    


The most notable change is the combination of the stamina bar (and shot stick) which now functions together. I'm sure fans will notice this and 2k22 mt cheer. Developer Visual Concepts is bringing back the traditional shotstick. The pro stick's division is now smashed. Shooting remains the same as previously however players must release the ball within a specific window that's towards the top of the metres.

The size of the window for release will immediately be reflected in your stamina bar. Doing too much play on the top of the button will drain your stamina so ensure that you make your moves and work according to your best chances. This window can also increase or shrink based upon the shot you choose to shoot and your shooter.

Although Steph Curry is able to remove those three 3 players, we wouldn't advise that you try the same with Shaq. Never. This is the reason basketball teams are highly encouraged, as these two elements are closely linked. This is particularly crucial during the final few minutes of a game when tired players might have to be substituted in.

The decision to switch back to traditional is a way to increase precision and detail, all the while still using dribbles. A number of times in NBA 2K21, I accidentally hit the "Pro Stick", only to have it throw out an unbalanced ball. It's also important to note that alley-oops now require timed button presses to be completed.

Throwing up the lob can be fairly easy, however, the final player has to push the button'shoot' when they are in the green region of the timing metre to throw the ball down. Although I'm not sure if this is necessary, I like.

The biggest improvement in NBA 2K22's defensive system is the revamped shot blocking system. Blocking in NBA 2K games was always boring and felt like a flat experience and was largely just a matter of luck. New animations, a better sense of flow, as well as physicality make blocks feel more accurate and powerful. This gives the game some toughness and makes it more easy to represent the game's great centers.

It's easy to tell the difference against Bill Russell's Celtics or Wilt Chamberlain's Lakers. This sense of accuracy and authenticity also extends to mid-air combats, where participants in the ring appear more mt for sale 2k22 real-life in motion.