FIFA 22: Players to lose Diego Maradona Legend Card since annoying legal dispute

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FIFA 22: Players to lose Diego Maradona Legend Card since annoying legal dispute

Posted By Millson Adam     November 8, 2021    


EA SPORTS are set to lose Diego Maradona as an ICON card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, after the football franchise publishers came out runner-up in a very messy rights dispute over the Argentinian legend's likeness.
Diego Maradona has been in FIFA's Icon roster - once "Legends" cards - since 2018, celebrating the football star's glittering career in three rare collectibles.

According to Argentinian news site Infobae (via Eurogamer), that's set to come back to an end after a judge recognized the trademark claims on Maradona and his likeness by lawyer Matias Morla. They won the suit over Maradona's manager Stefano Ceci, who couldn't produce relevant legal documents.
Morla apparently seized control of the Maradona brand last August and has been consolidating rights around his name, brand, and image since then. Ceci's alleged rights to his images were one in every of the last dominoes to fall.
The issue for EA SPORTS arises thanks to their agreement with Stefano Ceci, which is now expected to be voided by the Morla estate, removing Maradona from FIFA.

Right now, two of Diego Maradona's ICON cards are still available in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, while all three of his FUT ICON versions are often purchased in FIFA 21's playlists.
The Argentinian's cards are a number of the simplest within the FIFA 22 Coins competitive FUT game mode, and his 95-rated CAM card - the simplest on the marketplace for the previous Napoli champion - costs players quite two million coins.
Players would lose these cards if FIFA 22 withdraws his rights.
Federal judge Marceloa Gota told EA SPORTS that they have to "immediately cease the employment of indicated brands by whatever means they're effecting." that has "using images on all platforms, and [titles] including FIFA 21, FIFA Ultimate Team, FIFA Street, and FIFA World Class Soccer."

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