The bulb in the fish tank will gradually heat up

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The bulb in the fish tank will gradually heat up

Posted By mi le     October 31, 2019    


The requirement of lighting in Acrylic fish tank is very important. What kind of lighting can be chosen to receive light evenly? So that the acrylic fish tank becomes more beautiful.

Natural light: sunlight is the most familiar light source for fish and plants, and is the most natural lighting method. For acrylic fish tank, although sunlight is the light source with the lowest cost, the sunlight is not very stable and difficult to control indoors. Therefore, artificial light sources must be used instead. Sunlight is rarely used as the main light source for aquarium, but it can be used as auxiliary light.

Illumination efficiency: compared with the input energy, the obtained illumination is too low. With the increase of bulb wattage. Its power also increases. When in use, the influence of the heat energy on the cylinder must be considered. Due to the high temperature generated by the bulb, if it is degraded by the water in the cylinder, it may cause the bulb to burst. Attention should be paid. In fact, both the illuminance and the frequency of light will be attenuated. Even if one's eyes cannot distinguish, it does not mean that other creatures cannot distinguish or will not be affected.

Sterilization lamp: there is usually such an item in seawater aquaculture equipment, but as the name implies, its main function is to purify water and remove bacteria that affect fish health in seawater, instead of lighting. You can ask the manufacturer for details.

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