The Origin of the Daytona Watch

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The Origin of the Daytona Watch

Posted By Jeson Clarke     November 9, 2021    


The infamous Rolex Daytona was made famous, partially, by actor and driver Paul Newman, but it didn’t get its start there or with the Daytona races when Rolex kept time for the race in 1962. However, the Daytona’s beginning goes back farther than this. Let’s take a look at how it all began.

Rolex Wasn’t the Company it is Now

Rolex didn’t have a great start with chronograph watches because many manufacturers already did a fine job of making them and had an established history of making chronographs. Nevertheless, Rolex continued making about 500 a year and sold them for about $200 up until 1961. These same watches, now, can fetch $20,000 and more. These “Pre-Daytonas” have a stainless steel case and a silver or black dial. However, Daytonas come in other colors.

The Infamous Oyster Case and the Daytona

The first Oyster cased chronograph debuted during WWII. Much later in 1963, after Rolex served as the official timekeeper for the Daytona race, the Cosmograph Reference 6239 got its new name (the “Daytona”). The Daytona’s design was created with race car drivers in mind, which is why its tachymeter scale is larger than other watches. There are varieties of the Daytona. One such variety is the “Paul Newman'' because Paul Newman was well known for wearing this particular model. He was an actor, but he also participated in races. “Paul Newmans” can cost as much as $100,000 at auctions. To buy vintage Rolex Daytona watch, visit this website.

You too Can Get a Vintage Rolex Daytona

Rolex vintage watches are always in style and are highly desired. Think of how a vintage Rolex Daytona would look on you. You could seek out a “Paul Newman” or explore other classical designs.

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