Attention To The Garden Patio Furniture Manufacturer's Products

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Attention To The Garden Patio Furniture Manufacturer's Products

Posted By dali Guan     November 10, 2021    


With the improvement of people's environmental awareness, beautification of the environment has become the consensus of people today. Therefore, in addition to the evergreen trees planted in the flower beds, flower plants have also become the primary beautification objects. But as far as flowers and plants are concerned, both cultivation and transfer are good partners. So, what should be paid attention to for outdoor flower boxes of Garden Patio Furniture Manufacturer? Generally speaking, but in three aspects, choose the right flower box, cultivate the right flowers and post-maintenance.

1. Choose a suitable flower box: At present, there are many varieties of flower boxes on the market, depending on the raw materials, mainly PVC flower boxes, anti-corrosion wooden boxes, aluminum alloys, glass steel flower boxes and so on. However, in the field of flower boxes, since the wind and sun are required every day, and most of them are used for a long time, it is necessary to choose high-quality flower box materials. Therefore, aluminum and glass fiber reinforced plastic flower boxes are better, both of which have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, strong plasticity, and long service life.

In addition, as far as flower plants are concerned, water is the key point. Too much water can cause root decay. If water is too little, it is easy to dry the flowers. Therefore, it is necessary to have a better internal structure in the flower selection box and a better water storage and drainage function.


2. Cultivation of suitable flowers: The selection of outdoor flowers should also be considered from many aspects. First of all, according to the local climate, choose suitable flower varieties for planting. Second, taking into account the climate change of the four seasons, not to mention that the four seasons are always open, at least the four seasons should be evergreen, so you can choose the four seasons evergreen varieties with strong adaptability, and maybe use the flowering period of different seasons to cultivate. Secondly, in order to avoid sprawling and affecting road traffic, choose short shrubs. After that, you also need to choose equipment that is easy to maintain.


3. Post-maintenance: The selection of flower boxes and flower pots is only the preliminary work of flower cultivation, and the important thing is the post-maintenance work, because this is a long and durable work. After the flowers are grown, a special person is required to check the plant moisture, soil, and insect damage regularly.


4. Garden Rope Sofa Set Manufacturers For the cultivation of wild flowers, it is more and more troublesome and more important for the maintenance of flower boxes and post-maintenance. Because, the maintenance of flowers must not only allow the plants to survive healthy, but also try to avoid certain factors that cause damage by man-made and plants.