How much Zinc is in 50mg of Zinc Gluconate?
    • Last updated November 15, 2021
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How much Zinc is in 50mg of Zinc Gluconate?

Posted By safrel safrel     November 15, 2021    


You may be already familiar with Zinc. It is a lustrous metal that is something like bluish-white. You might not be familiar with how Zinc looks, but you will be surprised to know that Zinc is present everywhere around you or even within you. Yes, that is right! Zinc is present in your body, in every cell of your body. Without Zinc, your body may stop functioning.


A bit of Zinc

Zinc (Zn) has an atomic number of 30 and is solid at room temperature. Zinc can be seen from prehistoric times when it was used to cure or heal wounds. Besides, it was also used in the production of brass. Zinc is generally extracted through the process of electrolysis. Moreover, it is more easily absorbed through red meat, cheese, shellfish, and crabs than plant foods. Zinc is present in several forms:


  • Zinc Oxide – It protects Iron or steel from rusting.
  • Zinc Sulfide – It is used to make television screens.
  • Zinc Chloride – It protects wood from decay.
  • Zinc Gluconate – It is zinc salt extracted from gluconic acid.



Zinc Gluconate

Zinc is better absorbed in gluconate form into our body. It is also called dietary Zinc. The recommended zinc intake is 9-11 mg per day. If you are taking a supplement of zinc gluconate 50 mg, it consists of the sufficient amounts of Zinc required by your body, i.e., 8-11mg. You do not need to take zinc gluconate 50 mg every time. What you have to do is to take a healthy diet along with other multivitamins to increase zinc constituents in your body. Mostly, people in cities are deficient in Zinc, so they essentially require it in gluconate form as a substitute. If Zinc is taken in gluconate form and other vitamins, such as Vitamin C With Rose Hips, E, and copper, it can cure age-related macular degeneration (AMD).



Older people are more prone to zinc deficiency. The alcoholics are also deficient in Zinc. If you have celiac disease, you may encounter extreme zinc deficiency.  Your body may be more susceptible to frequent infections if you have a zinc deficiency.



Zinc gluconate 50mg is an antioxidant; antioxidants heal the body from damages and neutralize free radicals. It protects your immune system against viruses. But we should keep in mind that overuse of Zinc can cause a copper deficiency in your body. Taking zinc gluconate 50 mg is beneficial if you have a running nose, sore throat, and the common cold. It is also helpful in healing stomach ulcers.


It will help if certain precautions are taken while consuming Zinc gluconate 50mg

  • Do not consume Zinc with calcium supplements.
  • If you are combining additional Zinc with multivitamins, you may fall prone to prostate cancer.
  • A very high intake of Zinc weakens your immune system.
  • Minor problems, such as stomach upset, dizziness may occur during intake of Zinc

We introduce you to Safrel Zinc gluconate 50mg. It consists of 100 tablets and is recommended for vegans. Furthermore, it will promote enzymes functions and a healthy immune system. We firmly adhere to the best manufacturing process of the Food and Drug Administration of the United States.


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