Solar LED Street Light Are Commonly Used Green Lighting Products

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Solar LED Street Light Are Commonly Used Green Lighting Products

Posted By xiu xiu     November 4, 2019    


Solar led street light(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) is commonly used green lighting products because they charge the storage battery during the day and supply power to the light source at night without manual control and sudden extinction. So is the solar LED street light installed? Take a look at the following introduction.   

Solar LED street light is easier to install than ordinary lights. They do not need wiring, trenching or electricity supply. However, many people do not know much about the installation method of solar LED street lights. Here are some specific explanations.   

1. It should be considered that there are no tall buildings in the place where the installation is to be carried out, and the trees should keep out the sunshine, so as to ensure sufficient sunshine.   

2. The battery board should face south. It is mainly aimed at the sunlight exposure angle that needs to be considered abroad in the case of domestic installation.   

3. The civil construction of the light pole foundation shall have sufficient strength, and the embedded parts shall be reliable and suitable for the light holder.   

4. Install in strict accordance with the installation instructions, and remember not to modify it without permission, which will affect the use and service life of solar LED street light.   

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